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The following was message was sent to the website recently, to find out more please click on the link button below.



My name is Carey and I volunteer at a youth center with a very special group of children. I came across while teaching the students about butterfly gardens. I wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you and to make a request on behalf of my students!

One of my students, Sarah, did some research at home recently and she brought in this article with a lot of really great information about starting a butterfly garden.


This is what she found:

I suggested she share it with you since you don’t have it with the other links on your page. Would please add it? Even if it were for a little while, she would be so proud. I would also like to show all my students that by sticking their neck out they can accomplish many things and make a positive difference. I don’t think it hurt that I told them we’d have a pizza party if you did! All of the kids will be so excited and I'm hoping you'll consider it :)


Thank you in advance!



Carey Davis

Teacher | Advisor

Behold the tortoise that only makes progress when it sticks its neck out!

Butterfly Garden